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-Carbon Collective Ceramic Coating + Fabric & Leather Protection 


The Carbon Collective Package contains the full range of ceramic coatings to seal every component on the exterior of your vehicle, ensuring the best protection for over 3 years.

Platinum Paint 

Platinum Paint, the future in paint protection, this dedicated paint coating forms a permanent bond directly bond to the paint’s surface becoming the active top layer.

Protecting your paint from Fallout, bird droppings tar, chemicals, UV rays & even minor scratches for up to 3 years.

The 7H hardness helps lay down a scratch resistant layer, helping to keep your paint swirl free.

Unlike ordinary waxes, this sealant has anti-static & self cleaning properties making this very low maintenance, no need to re-apply or partner with a wax or detailer, this is all you need.

Platinum Glass 

Platinum Glass has been formulated from the same technology as our Platinum Wheels & Platinum Paint coatings. Using strong chemical bonds, the coating becomes the new functional layer on the glass surface.

When applied, wiper blade use is significantly reduced as the super hydrophobic sheeting properties of Platinum Glass start at speeds as low as 30MPH. This increases visibility to create a safer driving experience.

Platinum Wheels  


Platinum Wheels sealant is an ultra-durable 9H coating which can be used on painted, powder coated, bare metal aluminium and stainless finishes. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the wheels surface, protecting them from dirt, brake dust contaminants & even scratches.


Fabric Protection  

A unique chemical treatment is applied to the upholstery and carpets and is absorbed into the fibres of these materials. This protectant dries to create a waterproof barrier - preventing moisture penetrating the fibres. Spillages like coffee and tea bead off the material like `water off a duck's back, whilst dust , dirt and sticky sweets are easily removed.

Once the protectant has been applied, the interior of your car will continue to look as good as the day it was first treated.

  From  £400

Includes Prepping the vehicle and clay barring the full exterior.

(Takes 1 Full Day)

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