Executive Valet

  • Safe washed with "Pure Shampoo" (PH Neutral)

  • Dried with Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel

  • Alloy Protector Applied

  • Tyre Shine Applied

  • Deep Clean Vacuum on All Carpets and Boot

  • Windows Polished Inside and Out

  • All Plastics and Interior Dressed

  • All Upholstery Shampooed and Any Stains Removed.* Carpets & Seats *

  • All Leather Cleaned and Specially Treated

  • Full Exterior Tar Spots Removal

  • Full Exterior Waxed For Maximum Protection.

  •  Full Machine Polish Or Clay Bar

  • Followed By A Luxury Wax!

  • (Maximum Shine & Protection)



Small Car - £80

Medium Car- £90

Large Four by Four/7 Seater-£100

(Takes approx 4-5 Hours)

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